#5 Tip for a Successful Transformation in 2016!

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #5: Find Support If your family and friends don’t want anything to do with your newfound desire to get fit, find communal support through our Facebook page (Bodyworx Fit), or by joining Team Bodyworx Fit.  Meeting people who share your

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2016 is here – and Tip #4

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #4: Recruit Family and Friends When family and friends are not on board, nothing is more defeating when in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  Here you are trying to steer your ship toward a healthy future while your family and

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Transformation in 2016 – Tip #3

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #3: Avoid Fads This is the time of year when every fitness celebrity is pushing a diet that claims to not only help you lose weight, but cures all of your diseases and cleanses your body from the inside out.

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Tip #2 for the New You

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #2: Consistency Beats Speed Many people jump into the deep end of a transformation without a single swimming lesson.  They choose high-intensity interval training, or six-day splits with accelerated cardio tucked in-between sets, followed by low-calorie diets of chicken breast

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New Year – New You? Tips for Success in 2016

Are you ready to make a personal transformation this year? 2016 is approaching, and people everywhere are waking up out of their holiday party haze feeling fluffy, trashed, and resolving THIS will be the year to make a change. Hopeful droves will fill the local gym, having

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Reflections on Change & Growth

I had a GREAT experience as a competitor in the Women’s Physique division at the NPC Wings of Strength competition last weekend, and I am just now getting around to reflecting on it. This was a step out of the box for me; my last competition was

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Uh Oh…the scale went up!

Uh oh! The scale is up! Did you gain 2 pounds overnight? Probably not. Did you eat an extra 7000 calories OVER maintenance yesterday? If NO, then breathe. *Weight fluctuation is normal.* No, seriously. BREATHE. Ask yourself these questions: 1.) Are you on your period or about

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Are You “Giving Up” in This Season of Giving?

Just when you start to breathe a sigh of relief that bathing suit season is wrapped up for another year – literally – in more modest and body-camouflaging apparel – we begin our slide directly into the holiday season, with all of its temptations, treats, and indulgences.

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Please….Step Away from the Cardio Machines…

I know it’s tempting.  I know it feels good to have a good sweat going when you’re done.  I know the sweat makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.  I know there is something to be said for the endurance, the hanging-on-for-another-minute feeling.  I know the mindless

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The Truth About Your Shape

In my newsletter, I frequently talk about nutrition and exercise as a way to reduce the body fat you may be carrying around, improve your health and increase your stamina, energy, and endurance to do all the things you want to do. With close attention to your

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