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Melanie Daly and Bodyworx Fit offer a full and flexible range of individual and group personal training programs.  Each program is developed based on each client’s specific fitness needs and availability.  Your health history, lifestyle and fitness level are always taken into consideration to optimize workouts and maximize results.


For many people, the attention and accountability of individual personal training enables a degree of focus that improves fitness results.  With her extensive education in the science behind resistance training, biomechanics and application of force on joints, muscles and ligaments, Melanie ensures you benefit from a customized program targeted at achieving your fitness goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, or increase performance in your sport, your trainer will provide the encourage, enthusiasm, and motivation in each workout to ensure your results.

Pricing for individual training averages $80-$100 per session (varies based on the number of sessions purchased).  Monthly payment plans are available, and discounts are offered for programs paid in full .

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Want to share a personal trainer with a friend, coworker or your spouse?  It’s a great way to have fun and stay motivated on a budget.  Bring your own buddy, or in some cases we can match you to a partner with similar fitness goals.

Pricing for Buddy Training:  $140 per session ($70/person)

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Our small group programs offer the benefits of individualized training plus the camaraderie of a team exercise environment.  No class is larger than six people – a size that permits personalized attention for everyone in the room.

We’ve designed our Small Group Full Body Blast Training sessions to be fun, flexible, and intensely effective.  All sessions are held in Georgetown. These 45-minute Small Group sessions are very popular. If you are interested in participating in a Small Group Full Body Blast session, please contact us to determine if there are current openings. (Contact us)

If you have a group of 4-6 individuals interested in creating a class time, please contact us to determine availability. (Contact us)

Per Person Pricing for Small Group Training:

1 Class: $20
1 month of Classes (3x week): $239


Competition Preparation:  If you are interested in competing in bikini, figure, men’s physique, or bodybuilding – whether it will be your first time on-stage or if you are interested in ramping up your presence on stage, check out our Competition Preparation Coaching.  Twelve- and sixteen-week programs provide customized resistance training, cardiovascular training, complete nutrition protocols, supplementation, posing practice and weekly consultations.  Contact us if you want to get your physique stage-ready!

Diagnostic Nutrition Coaching: While your Bodyworx Fit personal trainer will provide basic nutritional and hydration guidance to help you fuel your workouts, we also offer more in-depth nutritional educational services for clients who desire them. Our on-staff certified nutrition consultants can provide anything from a one-time nutritional consultation to a long-term program including menus, nutrient breakdowns, pre- and post-workout meal plans and more. Our nutrition programs are completely customizable to help you establish nutritional habits that are healthy and sustainable.  Check out our Nutrition Coaching section for more information, or contact us to design an individual program for you today.

Maximum Heart Rate Testing and Programming:  Did you know your maximum heart rate is genetically pre-determined, and cannot be calculated simply by a mathematical formula?  If you looking for a way to maximize the effectiveness of your cardiovascular training in order to get the most out of your sport, or improve your overall fitness, then you need to tap into your most important training tool – your heart! Bodyworx Fit offers individualized maximum heart rate testing to individuals and groups.  Conducted through a series of tests, individuals will leave knowing their maximum heart range, as well as their most effective training zones for specific results.  Additional packages are available to provide athletes with training protocols using their maximum heart rate and corresponding zones to increase their performance in sport and/or improve their overall cardiovascular fitness.  Contact us to schedule your heart rate maximum testing experience today!  Individual and group sessions available.  Groups of 4 or more will receive discount.

Specialty Group Classes: We periodically offer group classes developed for clients with specialized needs, such as expectant mothers, brides-to-be, mommy-and-me groups or clients returning from post-surgery rehab. Ask us about our current schedule of specialty classes, or let us design one for you.

Bridal Packages: Are you ready to get in shape for the big day? Check out our new offerings, geared to meet the needs of the busy bride-to-be and / or her future hubby. We’re happy to work with you—no matter how much (or how little) time you have before the big day. Click here to contact us about a package to get you ready for your Big Day!

Custom Gift Packages:  Our fitness gift packages are a wonderful treat for new mothers, brides-to-be, special birthdays or anyone who deserves a dose of personal attention. We’ll tailor the package to the recipient for a perfect fit. Contact us to create a gift package that is truly appreciated!


Are you looking for the expertise and accountability from a personal trainer, but you don’t think you can afford the 1:1 personal training rates?  The Virtual Coaching program is probably what you are looking for!  Benefit from the design of a personal training plan that targets your goals, and pair that up with an individualized nutrition plan that is customized just for you — all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a 1:1 personal trainer.


$299 for your initial analysis, baseline measurements and custom design of nutrition and training program with complete support for one month.* Local clients benefit from in-person measurement sessions.  Additional 1:1 training sessions – regularly $95/session – can be scheduled and are offered at a discounted rate of $85-90/session to Virtual Coaching clients.

*Additional month-to-month coaching is available after the first month at    $199/month for ongoing support and revisions to nutrition protocols and training programs to reflect progress and continue improvement, as well as continued measurement/assessment/update sessions.


1. Minimum of one 1:1 training & assessment session with Melanie, monthly

2. Timely returns of emails, messages, texts

3. 100% support

4. Answers to all your questions, when you have them…there are no dumb questions!

5. Monthly workout training updates & changes

6. Diet/nutrition plan changes as needed to see progress continue

7. Access to my 30 years’ expertise in nutrition and training


Distance clients (those who live outside of the greater Austin area) can benefit from the Virtual Coaching program also, but at a slightly cheaper rate (due to the fact that 1:1 sessions with Melanie are not an option – all Q&A/assessment sessions will occur online via phone, Skype or Google Hangout).  Essentially, every other aspect of the Virtual Coaching program remains the same (refer to What Can You Expect? above)

Virtual Coaching rates for Distance clients:

$199 for initial analysis of baseline measurements and custom design of nutrition and training program with complete support for one month*

*Additional month-to-month coaching is available after the first month at $179/month for ongoing support and revisions to nutrition protocols and training programs to reflect progress and continue improvement.

Ready to get started?  Your program will be begin immediately upon receipt of payment and initial client history forms.  Click here to request more detailed information and the initial forms to get started today.



Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach

PHONE: (512) 296-5883