2016 is here – and Tip #4

by in Health & Fitness January 1, 2016

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #4:

Recruit Family and Friends

When family and friends are not on board, nothing is more defeating when in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  Here you are trying to steer your ship toward a healthy future while your family and friends are lobbing molten lava bombs at you from the deck of the USS Gluttony.  It really is hard to stay the course when everyone else is going out for beer and hot wings, doughnuts are in the break room, and you come home to people who don’t want to do anything but eat takeout in front of the TV.

So, how do you get them to leave the comfort of their cushy cruise ship? Make a wager. Cash and prizes are great motivators. Have everyone chip in, and the person with the most improved body fat ratio at the end of three months gets the winnings!  Or, in the case of an entire family, the kiddo with the most improved mile run wins a prize. A little good-natured competition can help unite everyone toward a common goal.

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