#5 Tip for a Successful Transformation in 2016!

by in Health & Fitness January 2, 2016

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #5:

Find Support

If your family and friends don’t want anything to do with your newfound desire to get fit, find communal support through our Facebook page (Bodyworx Fit), or by joining Team Bodyworx Fit.  Meeting people who share your goals will keep you on track.

A funny thing happens when you are the lone fit freak.  The people around you start saying things like, “You are overdoing it!” and “Stop depriving yourself!”  They may make jokes about your compartmentalized lunches and the lack of “fun” in your diet.  They will mistake your initial gym soreness and stiff-legged gait for overtraining or hurting yourself.  They may even sabotage you with food and suggestions to take it easy.

But having a fit family (aka “fitfam”) will help you weather the criticism.  They’ll get you.  They’ll share tips for meal prep and what to do when you have to work around travel plans or special events.  They’ll know how to hack the gym equipment when needed to get the workout done, and take the perfect Flex Friday selfie.  Most of all, they’ll be your lifeline during the times you need to keep going and everyone else around you is eating fried bread and imploring you to relax.

By this time next year – do you want to be where you are now?  Better off?  Or worse?  Those are truly your own choices.

Don’t expect immediate results, remain consistent, stay away from fads and scams, get your family and friends on board, make it fun and find a “fitfam” to inspire you and encourage you!  Know that some days will be a grind, but in the end, you will succeed if you focus.  Next January, they won’t be making fun of your lunches, they’ll be asking you how you did it.

By joining Team Bodyworx Fit today, you’re saying yes to an amazing body transformation this year.  You will have exclusive access to the guidance, coaching, and expertise of Pro Physique Athlete & Nutritionist, Melanie Daly, as well as an extended “fitfam” with other Team Bodyworx Members.  There are no cookie cutter programs at Bodyworx Fit, so if you stick with it and do the work, your success is guaranteed.

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