Melanie Daly

As the Founder & CEO of Bodyworx Fit, Melanie Daly is a AADP Board-Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner (FDN-P) and Holistic Health Coach, as well as a certified personal trainer for over 25 years, an educator, and a motivational speaker.

Here at Bodyworx Fit, we prove that amazing changes can occur to the physique through consistent training and smart nutrition. Melanie’s biggest motivation for working with people like you is her desire to be an inspirational role model to other women – teaching them that once they find their muscles, they will also find their confidence.

Melanie is also a Professional Figure & Physique athlete, continuing to compete and represent the natural athlete with the INBA/PNBA, the NFF & and the GBO – all drug-free bodybuilding federations. She steps out into the world every day more confident, more fit, and more fabulous because of her dedication to her own training. For her own health & well-being, she continues to hit the weights every day, and aspires to show the world that a strong woman is a beautiful woman.

Extensively trained in physiology and anatomy, certified in heart rate assessment, monitoring and program design, as well as in marathon/triathlon coaching programming/implementation, and experienced in weight loss/body transformation with hundreds of clients, Melanie and her team can help you to reach your health and fitness goals, no matter what they are!

Working as trainers AND as educators, Melanie and the Bodyworx Fit coaches ensure you are comfortable with the exercises, have a goal-oriented mindset when exercising, and clearly teach clients how to properly use weights in order to stay healthy, lift appropriately, and build muscle to create a lean and tone body.

With nutrition, Melanie and the Bodyworx Fit team provides clients a foundational approach using specific assessment tools identifying nutritional deficiencies, existing habits, energy expenditure and bio-individuality – the unique genetic predisposition that provides each of us with specific nutritional needs to function optimally and within balance.

Once this information is established, Melanie and her team then create custom-made plans with diet & lifestyle recommendations to optimize health, manage weight, and/or accomplish physique or performance goals. From transformational weight loss to improved sports performance, Melanie designs programs to reflect healthy lifestyle habits that are targeted to individual goals, manageable, and easy to implement.