At age 32, Melanie Daly found herself a stressed-out, overweight, single working mother living a suppressed, day-to-day existence that lacked passion. Her self-confidence was steadily spiraling to an all-time low, and she barely recognized the woman she had become. Determined to make a positive change in her life and her health, and yet bound by tight finances, she decided to start getting up in the early morning hours to walk her way to better health and mental well being. As the mother of a four-year-old boy at the time, she set her alarm clock for 4:00 am and headed out the door into the quiet, dark calm of the early morning neighborhood. The time was precious, and eventually the walking turned into running…just from one light post to another before returning to a walk. And then another. And then another. Then one day, she ran an entire mile without stopping. At that point, she felt like she was taking control of her life again. Her confidence grew as she pushed one mile to two, then two to three, and started entering local 5K races.

Once the running became more of a daily habit, Melanie started reading and then applying information about sound nutrition and living a clean-eating lifestyle. As she shed unwanted pounds, she saw the connection between fueling her body with healthy eating and her overall performance not only in running, but in other aspects other life…her work, her parenting, and her own acceptance of self.

After working up to running several marathons, Melanie dove into triathlon training, loving the challenge and cross-training that the multiple sports provided to her. Again, she found herself to be most successful at the physical challenges when she dialed in to her nutritional needs, and continued to pursue additional education and training in the area of lifestyle and sports performance nutrition.

At age 39, Melanie was asked by another personal trainer friend to participate in a physique competition. As one who had been watching the physique competitions at the national level since their inception in the early 90’s, Melanie was intrigued to think she might be able to get herself into the peak physical condition required to participate in such a competition…and this as she approached the age of 40 nonetheless!! Over the course of the next 8 months, Melanie trained even harder and started learning and applying even more about nutrition to her own personal lifestyle, watching her physique change as she did so. At age 40, she entered her first physique competition. Undaunted by the younger competitors, Melanie placed first in her figure class and then took the overall figure title as well!

Since that first competition, Melanie continues to compete at the national and international level and has since earned her Pro card with the International Natural Bodybuilding Association. She is the 2011 Figure Champion of the INBA Natural Olympia and took the gold medal as Figure champion at the 2012 INBA Natural Nationals.

Off the stage, Melanie knew she had tapped into something wonderful when complete strangers would approach her to inquire about her physique, her training, and her nutrition. She had managed a complete transformation of herself through the consistent application of sound nutrition principles and training, and she desired to share this knowledge with the world.

As a certified personal trainer since the mid-1990’s, Melanie was now at a point to fully expand on her skills and knowledge of nutrition and training. She has further developed her expertise in living a lean lifestyle through clean nutrition, personal training for weight loss, sports performance and competition, half-marathon/marathon/triathlon training, and transformational lifestyle/change coaching. Melanie realized that if she could make these small but pivotal changes in her life, anyone can do the same with the right information, coaching and persistence.

In an effort to reach a broader audience with her message of health, lean living and transformation, Melanie began hosting private dinner seminars in her home, writing for her blog and newsletter, and developing a series of training & nutrition programs and recipe books in an effort to answer the many questions that are posed to her by clients and others on a daily basis.

Melanie now also shares her wisdom in a no-holds-barred fashion through seminars for small and large companies, government agencies, schools and private organizations. Her high level of energy and enthusiastic delivery of knowledge and experiences captivates audiences and leaves them with solid information and strategies for implementing healthy changes into their own lives.