Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach
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Melanie was born in Milwaukee, WI, and has had the opportunity to live all over the United States – New Mexico, Washington, Maryland, California, and now Texas, landing in Austin in 1995 and living there ever since.


In the past, Melanie has worked as a public school teacher and administrator, a researcher, and a marketing agent.  As the founder of Bodyworx Fit, Melanie now works as a motivational speaker, a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, a life coach, and a nutrition coach.


While she has been an avid weight lifter and athlete most of her life, Melanie began her official journey into competitive bodybuilding at the age of 40.  Setting out to accomplish goals is how she maintains her focus and drive to continuously improve.  One of the reasons she continues to hit the weights every day is to show the world that a strong woman is a sexy woman.


Amazing changes can occur to the physique through consistent training and smart nutrition, not through the use of drugs.  A significant motivation to Melanie is her desire to be a positive, inspirational role model to other women – teaching them that once they find their muscles, they will also find their confidence.


Melanie is a proud, dedicated, drug-free female Gold Medal Professional Figure competitor with the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) and is honored to represent drug-free bodybuilding.  She steps out into the world every day more confident, more fit, and more fabulous because of her dedication to her own training.


She is currently looking to build her fitness modeling career, both nationally and internationally and is available for assignments in the following fields:

  • Fashion
  • Photographic
  • Commercial
  • Acting
  • Promotion

Melanie does not do nude modeling, but she is happy to work with swimwear.

She is prepared to travel worldwide for assignments, provided she is paid travel expenses in advance.

Melanie’s hobbies include cooking, reading, weight training, running, swimming, cycling, photography, traveling, playing the flute, and entertaining with family and friends.



Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach

PHONE: (512) 296-5883