Get Motivated! Holiday Fit Tip Post #4

by in Health & Fitness December 27, 2013

Look, I get it. It’s cold, you’re busy and you don’t feel like exercising.

Here we are, looking at the end of December.  We are nearing the end of the holiday season, and you are feeling like you have fallen off the wagon, put on some extra weight from holiday feasting, and yet you just don’t know how to get started back on the exercise wagon.
Not today. Not on a Friday in December.

So I’m here to remind you of just how important exercise is and how great it makes you feel. Even on a Friday in December. Especially on a Friday in December!

These 5 Reasons to Motivate You will help you to stick with your exercise routine so that you’ll enter the New Year feeling energized and excited.  Don’t wait for the New Year to arrive….get started now!

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for motivation, since different things motivate different people, so explore all 5 motivators below…

Motivator #1: Health
Have you looked at the long list of health benefits that exercise delivers? Pretty impressive. Not only does exercise help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, it also helps lower bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, while improving the amount of good cholesterol in your body.

Additionally, exercise strengthens your bones and muscles, lowers your risk of cancer, decreases stress, helps you battle depression, and even improves your sex life.

Motivator #2: Enjoyment
If exercise hasn’t been enjoyable for you, it’s time to find a way to make it fun. Everyone likes doing things they enjoy. You might hate running but enjoy swimming or riding a bike. Perhaps you don’t like being alone and would rather be social. So join a team! Or maybe you don’t like the idea of driving all the way to the gym, changing out, and exercising with a crowd. Find out when your local gym is least populated, and hit the weights then. Do what’s most fun for you and you’ll be less likely to stop.

Motivator #3: Increased Confidence
If you’re out of shape or overweight, it can take a lot of courage to start an exercise routine. Remember to be confident in who you are, no matter what size or shape. Don’t compare yourself to the skinny, toned figure strutting her stuff through the gym. Keep your eyes on your goal and don’t expect perfection after just a week of exercise. Strive to have your best body—not someone else’s.

Motivator #4: Goal Achievement
If you’re just getting started in the world of exercise, or if you’ve simply gotten stale, a good place to start is by setting goals. How much weight would you like to lose? How far would you like to run? Working towards a goal is a great motivator. However, don’t set up for failure by striving after unrealistic goals. Do this and you’ll soon feel overwhelmed and give up altogether. To avoid this, set realistic milestones. When you reach them, enjoy your accomplishment and then set new goals to take your good health even further.

Motivator #5: Rewards
Rewards are a great motivator. In fact, much of what you do in life is motivated by a reward of some kind, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. When it comes to exercise, a good reward probably shouldn’t be an ice cream sundae, but it may be that new pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps a night out with friends. Maybe for you, weight loss and lowered blood pressure are reward enough. Just know that your hard work is paying off and deserves to be rewarded.

Grab your sneakers, and get out there! Start with taking a walk with your dog, or your spouse, or your in-laws…everyone is ready to get moving at this time around the holidays!  Cooped up with the kids?  Leave the malls behind and go find a park.  Chase each other around, throw a frisbee, play hide-and-seek…everyone will feel so much better by getting the exercise and fresh air.  Just *starting* to get back to a movement/exercise routine will create the craving in your body to do more and move more, and you will feel better for doing it!

I would love to help you find the motivation to create a healthier life for yourself and your family. Call or email today and I’ll let you know how simple it is to get started.   Together we will figure out exactly what motivates you!

BONUS TIP:  When you are grocery shopping, READ the labels!
*Only The Back Label Counts*

Never, ever trust the claims on the front of a food package. Claims like: heart healthy, whole grains, or fiber-filled are often smoke and mirrors to prevent you from reading the actual ingredient list.

The real truth about a packaged food item is hidden in the ingredient list on the BACK label, not in the bold claims on the front.

Scan that ingredient list for high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils – if the food contains these items then put it back and choose something healthier.

And you know what??  Fresh, lean protein sources (chicken, fish, turkey, lean ground beef) and produce (fruits and vegetables) should be the staples of your diet anyway — and they don’t have labels!!  Why?  Because it’s alllll good!  Stock up on that stuff before you go venturing into the boxed/canned/bagged food aisles in the grocery store!

Cheers to your good health as we move forward into the New Year!