”It’s Not My Fault…”

by in Health & Fitness, Musings, Uncategorized June 26, 2013


Earlier this week, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared obesity should be considered a disease. While I would like to think that the AMA has the best interests of the American public in mind when making this statement, I can also see how this proclamation will lead to further masking of the true causes of obesity in our society, as well as prohibit an honest assessment of how obesity has become such a problem in the first place.

I understand that some folks believe that identifying obesity as a disease might provide opportunity for increased awareness campaigns and federal assistance programs, however, given our society’s belief that everything can be fixed with a pill or prescription, isn’t this just giving us one more excuse to find a magic cure?

I am going to be frank here, because I think honesty is truly what is needed to address the problem of obesity in this country:  Obesity is the result of poor nutritional choices.  Period.

There are those that will argue that obesity is a chemical imbalance that some people just “can’t do anything about.”  You’ve heard the arguments – about how it’s genetics to blame.  Frankly, that’s bull -+-crap.  Period.

We can now add obesity to the list of diseases and disorders we have created primarily through lifestyle choices.  Think of it….how many diseases, disorders and deaths can be attributed to the lifestyle choices of smoking and/or drinking??  Now we have one more to add to the list…obesity, and all the health problems it induces, is an epidemic we have created ourselves!  Cancers, diabetes and heart disease – the top three causes of premature death – can be linked directly back to poor nutritional choices.  We are killing ourselves

Obesity is as much a choice as what clothes you put on in the morning, or which way you drive into work.

What is the true cause of obesity?  Poor food choices and eating habits.

Who is it that buys the Big Mac and then puts it in your mouth?  How does that bag of potato chips get into your shopping cart, and then into your belly?  Why does that pan of brownies jump off the counter and into your hands?  Who is it that pours the soda down your throat??

Every time you eat or drink something, you are making a choice about your health, your well-being, and YES…your size!

So much of what people eat are empty calories – processed foods with no nutritional value whatsoever. And yet, they eat and eat and just can’t seem to get enough of these ‘foods’ – why is that?  It is because the food choices they are making are so nutritionally deficient that the body, regardless of how many calories are being consumed, is not getting the nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels.  Therefore, the brain is being sent messages that the nutritional profile is insufficient, and the result is increased hunger as the body seeks the nutrition it needs to survive.

The best way to address obesity in this country is to be honest about ourselves.  We have created the problem.  Every food choice we make is either going to contribute to the problem, or make a step toward reversing it.

One by one, person by person, food by food…80% of the person you see when you look in the mirror or step on the scale is the result of the food choices you are making.  We can reverse this trend and put a stop to this “disease” by simply choosing better, healthier, whole foods and cutting out the junk.

It’s going to be as simple or as hard as that.  But it IS your choice.