Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach
(512) 296-5883


Melanie is available to travel nationally to deliver her message of health, wellness and inspiration.  Audiences instantly connect to her engaging, enthusiastic and informed approach that encourages them to make positive changes in their own lives.


Having personally experienced the challenges of weight loss, low self-confidence, single motherhood, and a significant physical transformation at an age when most are slowing down, Melanie delivers firsthand knowledge about how to become and remain motivated even when times are tough and challenges are many.


Audiences connect with Melanie’s life story and learn from her secrets and strategies for handling potential obstacles on her own journey, giving hope that they too can emerge as better, healthier, more balanced people as a result.


Melanie shines when given the opportunity to connect and communicate with others, providing invaluable advice, inspiration, knowledge and motivation to help them to not only reach but exceed their personal goals.


Numerous clients have seen significant transformations in their own lives as a result of hearing Melanie’s clear and logical message in her writings and seminars, following her training programs and making the changes as part of their lifestyle.


Melanie is available for interviews, seminars and photo shoots.  For more information about Melanie Daly or to book an appearance with her, please send a media request.



Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach

PHONE: (512) 296-5883