My Clients

  • Do you know what’s wrong with me?

    Yes! Because most health complaints stem from an imbalance or lack of function in the body. It is likely your symptoms & health complaints are actually signals from your body, letting you know there are deeper issues affecting your body’s functioning. I am trained to identify these often hidden malfunctions using lab testing, and with that information, I incorporate natural protocols to deal with your health complaints at the root cause level.

  • Can you help me?

    Yes! As long as you are as committed to restoring your health as I am. The FDN protocols I follow are proven over tens of thousands of client cases, and are based on restoring function and balance to cells, organs, and systems, not just suppressing or controlling symptoms.

  • Have you helped others like me?

    Yes! I have helped my clients reach the highest level of health they’ve experienced in years. Many clients have completely resolved their health problems, even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions.


I can’t thank Melanie enough for all the knowledge and guidance she gave me throughout the healing process of my health issues. I followed her recommendations and I have never been happier with the way I feel. She explained all the lab information in terms that were easy to understand. If I ever had questions, needed recommendations or just needed to talk about my issues, she was so patient and professional with me.

S. Stephens

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease almost a decade ago. At the time, I made the changes to my diet that I thought were necessary, but did not see improvements I had hoped for – I still had issues with digestion, inflammation, joint stiffness and lack of energy. I assumed this was just part of getting old, but that wasn’t what Melanie believed. After working through the testing and following her recommendations, I am pleased to report I have substantial relief from inflammation and joint stiffness, and my energy has improved.

P. Wetherby

I’ve got so much more energy now. People at work are telling me that I look great. My eyes are clear, my periods have returned to normal. It’s just amazing, the difference.

E. Rodriguez

My energy level is back to normal. I can eat now without getting bloated and I’m back to exercising like I’ve always wanted to do but was too tired. Thank you so much for your help.

E. Kaplan