New Year – New You? Tips for Success in 2016

by in Health & Fitness December 29, 2015

Are you ready to make a personal transformation this year?

2016 is approaching, and people everywhere are waking up out of their holiday party haze feeling fluffy, trashed, and resolving THIS will be the year to make a change. Hopeful droves will fill the local gym, having no idea what they are doing – only knowing that they want to be muscle-y, lean and shredded in a matter of weeks.

The fitness industry often gives the impression that losing double digit weight and packing on pounds of lean muscle is simply a matter of sweating …it out for a month or two while using a few strategic, even ‘miracle’, products to assist in the process. Simply put, that quick fix kind of thinking is the Band-Aid mentality of fitness, and nothing sets someone up for failure faster.

If you want to be a FIT and FABULOUS lifter, a LEAN and MEAN physical specimen, and/or the BEST VERSION EVER of yourself, I will be sharing five essential tips over the next five days to help you achieve your very best body in 2016.


How To Transform Your Body – TIP #1:

Temper Your Expectations

People often quit their exercise programs when they don’t see results right away.  With the quick-fix scams out there promising to help you shed 10 pounds in 10 days, or chisel a six-pack in a matter of weeks, it’s not surprising that many become discouraged when they look the same after a few weeks.  Even worse – sometimes the scale goes up before it comes down!  Sadly, the most common result is one sentence uttered by thousands of New Year’s goal-setters:  “I give up.”

Don’t give up.  Understand that your new body will take time.  It takes months and years to gain weight and grow soft and fluffy, so naturally, it will take some time to come off.

The scale may even resist in the beginning, and you may feel like you are going nowhere. This happens for many reasons, like water retention and metabolic adjustments, as your body “re-calibrates” itself to your new lifestyle.  Remember, things have to change on a cellular level.  Your body is a living organism, not a calculator.  It doesn’t dump X amount of fat every 24 hours.  It gradually breaks down and excretes fat until it reaches its happy state of equilibrium.

The magazine and Instagram bodies you see can take years, not months.  If you look at your new body as a long-term goal and a sexy side effect to a fit and healthy lifestyle, it can be easier to weather the initial discouragement you feel when you come home from a hard workout, only to find you look exactly the same as you did the day before.  One day you will realize you look different.  The scale WILL move.

Don’t be the person who gives up just before this happens!

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