Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach
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As a Certified Nutrition Coach, Melanie Daly is a highly trained professional with an extensive knowledge in nutritional science and comprehensive experience in the art of nutritional coaching and practice.  She teaches clients using sound training advice and systematic application of nutrition science while modeling sound nutritional practices through her own lifestyle.


Melanie offers clients a foundational approach to nutrition using specific assessment tools identifying nutritional deficiencies, existing habits, energy expenditure and bio-individuality – the unique genetic predisposition that provides each of us with specific nutritional needs to function optimally and within balance.


With this information established, Melanie then creates custom-made plans for diet and lifestyle recommendations to optimize health, manage weight and/or accomplish physique or performance goals.  From transformational weight loss to improved sports performance, Melanie designs programs to reflect healthy lifestyle habits that are targeted to individual goals, manageable, and easy to implement.


For larger groups, Melanie teaches the key action strategies required for successful implementation of lifestyle changes and achievement of weight loss and/or performance goals.  Aware of the research that shows how individuals’ behavioral choices are strongly affected by the social support available to them, Melanie can also implement group-wide challenges and online coaching programs in which members can discuss what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how they are feeling about it.


As a result, participants are more likely to stick to their program, achieve their goals, and enjoy the process even more because they are sharing the experience with like-minded individuals.


Melanie completed rigorous course curriculum focused on biology, physiology, chemistry and nutritional science and is certified through Precision Nutrition out of Ontario, Canada.



Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physique Coach

PHONE: (512) 296-5883