The body you see reflected back to you in the mirror is the result of the foods you are putting in your mouth!  80% of a person’s physique is directly attributed to the foods they do and do not eat! *


Are you ready to stop dieting, stop counting points, stop binge-ing or under-eating?  Learn how to stop the roller coaster ride of food and diets and change your nutritional lifestyle with guidance from Melanie in her Living Lean for Life ProCoach Program.


Let’s get one thing straight:  We don’t believe in diets.  Here is why:


The average diet program promises simple success, but not necessarily long-term success.


The average diet program is passive, not engaging you as a learner and decision-maker in your own life.


The average diet program has little to no “social support” — access to people doing what you’re doing, people to bounce ideas off of, places to vent frustration, and places to shout out successes.


The average diet program gives you one template, one eating strategy, one message — and individual differences are not taken into account!


And generally speaking, the average diet plan actually underfeeds you — because most popular diets give a one-size-fits-all plan, the only way to make sure everyone gets good results is to make sure the diet is very low in calories.


To achieve the optimal body composition, health, and performance (i.e. an awe-inspiring physique), you’ll need strategies designed specifically for your body type, size, shape and lifestyle.  A cookie-cutter plan just won’t do.


You also need strategies that change as your body changes; as you get leaner or gain muscle, you’ll have a different body, and therefore different requirements. You also will need strategies to counter life’s obstacles, so that no matter what challenges you face, such as a demanding job or a busy travel schedule, you are prepared to succeed.


Living Lean for Life ProCoach Program includes:

  • Data-driven coaching guided by photos, correspondence, weight, and body composition measurements
  • Personalized attention to details specific to your fitness goals, regardless of your geographical location
  • Scientifically-based, hands-on, online guidance in daily habits, lessons and assignments
  • Melanie Daly, as your Personal Nutrition Expert working directly with you for complete individualization and customization of your program
  • Training guidance included, regardless of whether or not you want to step foot into a gym
  • Tracking applications utilized to measure ongoing progress
  • Fully integrated online, 1:1 coaching program that includes a 360 degree view of your lifestyle and addresses exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management — AKA your life!


+ This is a 12-month coaching program.  Your commitment to the program is required at the time of sign-up.  There is a 20% discount if paid up-front; however, month-to-month payment options are available when joining the Living Lean Coaching program.


Contact me today so we can get you started on your own Customized Living Lean for Life ProCoach program!


Melanie Daly specializes in amazing transformations.  Drawing on two decades of experience and extensive knowledge in personal training and her expertise in nutrition programming, Melanie can take anyone who is frumpy to extremely fit, the overweight to outstanding, and the already-fit to even more fabulous.


Clients come to Melanie with a variety of fitness backgrounds, from pro bodybuilders to novice weight trainers, from age-group athletes to Moms & Dads who have never spent much time in the gym, and everywhere in-between.  Everyone receives the same super-charged, individualized attention Melanie gives all of her clients, tailored to meet their unique needs.