One billion cells…

by in Health & Fitness, Uncategorized July 10, 2013

The human body is an amazing, incredible machine!

Did you know that your body produces 1 billion new cells every minute?  Every minute!

Now, 1 billion is a BIG number…so to give you way to quantify that, it might be helpful to know:

  • 1 billion seconds is EQUAL TO 33 years!
  • And how many new cells are produced every day?
  • 60 billion cells created per minute
  • 3600 billion cells produced per hour
  • 86400 billion cells newly generated per day


Here is another way to think of it:

600 billion new cells are created in ten minutes.

6 trillion new cells are produced in less than an hour and a half (100 minutes).

If these cells were people, this would be equivalent to the entire planet’s population created in less than seven minutes.

If these cells were dollars, this would be equivalent to paying off the U.S. National Debt in less than five hours!  Wow.

Given the magnitude and importance of development of cells in your body, what better reason to take care of your body and your health from the inside-out? 

EVERYTHING you feed your body is feeding the development of those trillions of cells every day!  What will all those new, baby cells benefit from the most?  The cheeseburger and fries, or the grilled chicken and green beans?   The fried chicken sandwich or the salmon and steamed broccoli?

I know you know the answer.  Too often we justify with “One little bite won’t hurt,” or “I’ll start fresh tomorrow.”  The reality is that your body is constantly creating new cells in order to keep your body and mind going.  Compare it to feeding a baby who is learning to eat solid foods.  Do you start feeding your infant cheeseburgers & fries to fuel their growth and development??  Of course not…you feed them the right proteins, veggies, and fruits – as healthy as possible.  Why?  Because you know you need to nurture their active growth and physiological development.

Why is it so different once those babies are a little older?  Why does it seem to be okay to feed them cheeseburgers when they are five, or ten, or fifteen?  Aren’t their bodies still growing and developing??  Of course they are!

The reality is that the human body NEVER stops growing and developing….even into adulthood.  This is evidenced by the fact that the body KEEPS producing new cells – to the tune of one billion cells per minute!   Regardless of age, you are ALWAYS growing and developing.

Shouldn’t you feed your body the absolute BEST in nutrients so that it can create those cells to be healthy and productive?