Everyone is busy, and we know that it is sometimes easier to just follow directions than figure everything out on your own.  This is where Bodyworx Fit comes in to help you meet your goals through online coaching.

Melanie Daly will be your online personal trainer and coach, creating an individualized training and nutrition program specifically designed to meet your fitness goals.  Workouts and training protocols will be provided, and will be changed up regularly to continually challenge your body to make significant and lasting change.  Your nutrition program will be designed, and ultimately adjusted, according to your preferences and progress toward your goals, monitored every two weeks to ensure continual improvement.

When you sign up for the VIrtual Coaching program, Melanie personally attends to your program through regularly-scheduled email, photo and phone updates.  In this way, she is able to work with you closely, even though you may be thousands of miles away.  The BodyworxFit Online Coaching Transformation Program will be the best investment in health you will ever make!

We will give you a plan to follow for both training and nutrition, and we will schedule regular accountability calls/Zoom sessions between you and Melanie to provide opportunity for questions/answers/dialogue about how things are going with regard to meeting your fitness goals.

$ 320 for your initial analysis of baseline measurements and custom design of nutrition and training program with complete support for one month.* Local clients benefit from in-person measurement sessions and a minimum of one 1:1 training session with Melanie each month.  Additional 1:1 training sessions – regularly $95/session – can be scheduled and are offered at a discounted rate of $85-90/session to Virtual Coaching clients.

*Additional month-to-month coaching is available after the first month at $ 289/month for ongoing support and revisions to nutrition protocols and training programs to reflect progress and continue improvement, as well as continued measurement/assessment/update sessions 1:1 with Melanie.


1. Minimum of one 1:1 training & assessment session with Melanie, monthly

2. Timely returns of emails, messages, texts

3. 100% support

4. Answers to all your questions, when you have them…there are no dumb questions!

5. Monthly workout training updates & changes

6. Diet/nutrition plan and changes as needed to see progress continue

7. Access to my 20+ years’ expertise in nutrition and training

Ready to get started?  Your program will be begin immediately upon receipt of payment and initial client history forms.  Click here to request more detailed information and the initial forms to get started today.