Are you ready to change? This is designed for YOU!

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Hello, friends!

I know it’s been a while since I have updated this blog or sent out a newsletter – actually over a year!  However, this past year has been a busy one for me here at BodyworxFit…and YOU are about to benefit from that busy-ness!

I have been doing a LOT of research & development about what I can do to work BETTER with all of YOU – coaching you to improved health & fitness while balancing your busy lives.

After all, I know that you are feeling overwhelmed with the influx of information that is thrown at you through social media about the “best way to lose weight,” the “good foods vs. bad foods,” the “best exercises that will help you lose belly fat, build a beautiful booty, shape great legs, get rid of your love handles/etc.,” or WHATEVER!

I am here to tell you that I have created a way to cut through all the hype and coach you in the BEST, most REALISTIC way to help you achieve your fitness & healthy living goals.

For the last year, I have been working diligently behind the scenes to create my Living Lean for Life coaching system – a structure you and I can use together to make the positive habit changes in your life that will help you to get on track to improved health, better fitness, and optimized living – without being overly dramatic, without giving up everything you love about your life right now, without shifting your important life priorities (like being an awesome parent, a loving spouse, a valued employee, or a good friend), and without tipping over the apple cart of your life!

And in order to introduce my new Living Lean for Life coaching structure to you – I decided to offer up a limited number of spots in this program to YOU by rolling out the:

3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge!

Want to head into 2018 stronger than ever?

Ready to take your fitness to the next level?  Want to be eligible to win $500?
Then register to take the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge!

Designed in three-month increments with amazing prizes at the end of the 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month marks, this challenge is designed to help you get off the diet roller coaster and change your life & body for good.

I have paired my extensive background & experience in nutrition coaching and personal training along with my long-standing partnership with the Precision Nutrition ProCoach platform to create my Living Lean for Life state-of-the-art coaching program.  This structure has already helped over 45,000 people successfully reach health & fitness goals!   Don’t you think it’s time to add YOUR name to this group?

My coaching structure works through daily online lessons and prompts,  so you will learn how to take control of your eating, fit in fitness, and stick with it for longer than a few weeks.  Even if you’ve tried every other program on the planet, feel hopeless about what to do next, and/or are busier than ever, this program will help you turn things around for good.

Through this challenge, and with my 1:1 coaching help, you will spend the next 3-6-9-12 months learning new habits, creating positive changes in your life, and becoming a better YOU.  It is not a magic formula.

It is a strategic 12-month fitness & nutrition program proven by research and built with YOU in mind.


Join the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge! and get:

  • A stronger mind and healthier body which leads to a more fulfilling life!
  • A customized-to-you Quick Start guide to get you off on the right foot! ($129 value!)
  • 12 months of nutrition coaching that fit you and your lifestyle ($1548 value!)
  • 12 months of an individualized exercise plan designed just-for-you, with multiple options for your exercise – work out at home, at the gym, or on the road! ($1200 value!)
  • Access to all of my online resources, giving you more ideas about daily nutrition as well as providing how-to videos for your exercise program! ($199 value!)
  • Daily emails from me to keep you on track, focused on positive changes, and motivated!
  • A user-friendly online platform for daily interaction with your program and me, using your phone or your computer or both! ($1200 value!)
  • Access to my members-only Facebook group, where you can communicate with others on the same journey as you – getting feedback, sharing stories, providing inspiration and support!
  • A Bodyworx Fit “Be Your Own Superhero” t-shirt ($30 value!)
  • 24/7 email access to me – your Coach – providing support throughout your program! (priceless!)
  • Ongoing educational content, lessons, ideas, and structures to help you reach your goals!

This is over $4300 in value for YOU!


Registration is only $98  –  and limited to 20 spots at that price!

~   $98 will hold your spot for the first 3 months of the challenge   ~

To continue your participation, each 3-month block remaining is only $79

(billed on the !st day of the 4th month, 7th month, and 9th month)

Each quarter you continue, you will be in the running for MORE prizes.

By committing to YOURSELF for all 12 months, your total investment in the Challenge would be $335.


Added Bonus:

If you commit to the ENTIRE 3-6-9-12 Challenge with a one-time payment of $300, you will SAVE $35!


How the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge Works:

This is your opportunity to make a commitment to YOURSELF to get fitter, healthier, and stronger!  And over the course of the next 12 months, you have FOUR opportunities to win incredible prizes – every quarter there will be new prizes – with a final chance to win the Grand Prize of $500!

The winners of each quarter (at the 3-, 6-, and 9-month marks) will be selected by reviewing your quarterly submissions of progress and reflection.  I will announce the winner(s) on my website, on Instagram @Bodyworxgirl, on Facebook/BodyworxFit, and on our private group Facebook page.

The Grand Prize winner will be determined at the end of the 12-month period.  I will close down the contest for submissions on Sept. 30, 2018 and I – along with a panel of judges – will begin going through each challenge entry.  It’s a tough job, so we’re allowing a full week to get through everyone’s submission.   On October 1, 2018, I will announce the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge on my website, on social media, and through this email list… This is NOT the day to miss!


How to enter the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge:

Step One: 

Registration for the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge begins September 25, 2017 and will stay open through the official start date of the Challenge:  October 1, 2017

To secure your spot, register by sending your $97 registration fee via PayPal to .  In the Notes section, write:  Sign me up for the Transformation Challenge! and tell me the email address you prefer to use.

That’s only ONE week to enter the Challenge – and I am limiting this to only 20 spots – so secure your place in this opportunity today, and then get ready to rock!


Step Two: 

Once you register, you will get an email to access your Living Lean for Life online platform.  There you will fill out all of your starting information so I can design your Quick Start guides, your lessons and your training program.


Step Three:

Once you complete your starting information, you will receive access to our private Facebook group.  As a member of this group, you will receive motivation, inspiration and support during the Challenge.


Step Four:

Dig in, stay focused, complete your lessons, follow the plan, and start living LEAN!  This Challenge is meant to give you the support you need to finally start living a strong, healthy life.  I will be delivering daily emails with nutrition, training, and tips to keep you motivated and accountable.


Important Dates

September 25 – October 1:  Challenge Registration Open

Registration for the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge will open starting Sept. 25 and stay open through Oct. 1 – the official start date of the Challenge.  If you’re going to enter the Challenge, you will need to do it in this window.

October 1 – 2:  BEFORE Photo Submission

To be eligible for the quarterly AND Grand prizes, you must submit your Before photos in your personal online Living Lean for Life ProCoach platform.  Be prepared to take and submit front, side, and back photos.

October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018:  Time to Dig In and Start the Work!

Once you’ve registered for the Challenge and have received your individualized program, then it’s time to get to work.  Focus on 3 months at a time – so you have 12-week blocks of time to work hard, stay focused and start improving your health and body.  By doing so, you will get a shot at winning the quarterly prizes, as well as the Grand Prize!

December 31, 2017 – January 2, 2018:  3-month Prize Submission Period

The first quarter of the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge officially ends on December 31 – and I am allowing up to 2 more days  to take and submit your “Before” and “After” pictures to be eligible for the 3-month prizes …so make sure to get your After picture taken and submitted by this date.

After January 2, 2018  I will no longer be accepting submissions for the 3-month prizes.

January 5, 2018:  Announce Winners of the 3-month/first Quarter prizes

On January 5, I will announce the winner of the first quarter of the 3-6-9-12 Transformation Challenge on my website, on social media, and through this email list.


March 31, 2018 – April 2, 2018:  6-month Prize Submission Period

April 6:  Announce Winners of the 6-month/second Quarter prizes


June 30, 2018 – July 2, 2018:  9-month Prize Submission Period

July 6:  Announce Winners of the 9-month/third Quarter prizes


September 30, 2018 – October 2, 2018:  12-month Grand Prize Submission Period

October 5:  Announce Winners of the GRAND Prize!

Ready to accept the Challenge?

Send $98 registration for the first 3 months


$300 for the entire 12-month challenge

via PayPal to today!

Remember to write “Sign me up for the Transformation Challenge!”

and include your preferred email address in the Note section.


These folks have done it.  Isn’t it YOUR turn??

Still have questions?

Email me at: – but hurry!  Those 20 spots will fill fast!