Reflections on Change & Growth

by in Competition August 30, 2015

I had a GREAT experience as a competitor in the Women’s Physique division at the NPC Wings of Strength competition last weekend, and I am just now getting around to reflecting on it.

This was a step out of the box for me; my last competition was two years ago, and I competed in Pro Figure – a different “look” and division. I started competing in 2009 (at age 40, by the way), and have always done the Figure division. In 2013, I hung up my acrylic 5″ heels. I was pretty sure I was done competing. I wanted to just go into the gym and build my physique because *I* wanted to – not because some judges on a panel told me I needed to in order to “be competitive.”

I got into weight training for myself, after all. I enjoy the strength, the challenge, the pump, and the self-satisfaction I get during and after every session. I love shaping my physique in design with how I want to look in the mirror. I appreciate the science behind it all, the technique, the function of the body. I wanted to just go back to the gym (& kitchen) and do what I do – and also continue to help others to find that same sense of empowerment and self-satisfaction that comes from healthy living and strong, shapely bodies.

I focus completely on my clients, happy to see them succeed and push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. Then, Victorious Val entered my life and was set on stepping onstage as a bikini competitor in celebration of kicking breast cancer’s ass. Of course, I was all in. How could I not help someone with such drive, determination and focus? After months of focus and training, the date was approaching closer, and I wanted her to get a “trial run” competition under her belt – in order to really be confident when she hits the stage for her “cancerversary” show in October. So in order to encourage her, I told her I would compete at the same show, so we could go through the entire process together.

But of course, I wanted a new challenge – so instead of competing in Figure, I decided to try Women’s Physique (WP). I have been building muscle mass for a couple of years now, and I like the look of WP — so I decided to give it a shot.

The upshot of this entire experience? I held my own, and placed Third in the Master’s category of Women’s Physique in the show last weekend. I was the oldest in the group, and I placed in the top three. Not too shabby for someone who decided to try something new. I had a TON of fun with the different poses and routine. I felt more relaxed on stage than I have since I began competing. It was an awesome weekend, and great fun to do it alongside Val.

Thank you for reading this far. The bottom line I want to pass on to you is this:

It is possible to do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Regardless of age or past history, your body can achieve AMAZING things if you train smart and feed it properly.

I wasn’t training specifically for this event. I train because I like what I can do with my body. The competition was just a lark – something fun to do – it wasn’t my focus every single day. I just “did my thing” – I work out because I enjoy it, eat the way I need to in order to fuel my workouts and my life, and step out of my box every once in a while to challenge & grow.

YOU can do this too. There is NO CHANGE WITHOUT CHALLENGE. That’s the bottom line.

What are you doing to step out of your box today?
What is your new challenge?
Can I help you with that?
Please reach out to me. It’s what I do. I walk my talk, and I know I can help you.
I am in the business of coaching people. I love what I do. And I can help you, too.