Sick and Tired at Work?

by in Health & Fitness March 21, 2014

Increased energy. Improved morale.  Less sick time. More productivity.

As businesses look for ways to blunt the impact of rising health costs, many are investing more in workplace wellness — especially initiatives that help prevent chronic diseases down the road.

Along with health screenings, exercise classes, nutrition guidance, healthy living newsletters and seminars are leading the way as companies are focusing on keeping their employees healthy and focused on their work, not their weight or their health issues.

“Employers have become more concerned about costs and are looking at additional ways to reduce spending,” said Soeren Mattke, senior scientist and managing director of RAND’s health advisory services. “Many have raised copayments, and some have introduced more narrow network plans or high-deductible plans to reduce costs. The sense among the employer community is that’s as far as we can go with streamlining the health coverage benefits.”

Now companies have to see if they can go to the root of the problem and address the underlying drivers of healthcare spending, which is chronic disease.

Workplace workouts help build camaraderie, promote work-life balance and even attract job candidates.

Companies measure their success with workplace wellness programs based on the number of employees who take advantage of the programs and tangentially from the stories of the impact it has on their lives.

Workers in better health stay at their jobs longer and are absent less.

The return is a more engaged workforce, a happier workforce,

Companies want their employees to have a better personal life and professional life, and it’s hard to do that when you don’t feel well.

Are you interested in getting together a workplace wellness program? Do you think your employees would benefit from a health challenge, exercise classes, or nutrition series?

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