“Because I spend a lot of time in the gym, people constantly ask me questions about fitness. The truth is that if you want to be successful–and I did–you really need a professional. I have help from my trainer, Melanie Daly. She tells me what to do, and I do it. It’s hard to fail when you have support, and I know my way around the gym because she’s taught me. But, without a doubt, I don’t formulate my own workouts because I don’t know the science.

Here’s my advice: if you want to stick with it THIS time–as opposed to all the other times you’ve tried and failed to achieve your full potential–you need to see results. Results are what will motivate you. If you don’t know how to get results, you won’t see any, and not surprising, you will stop. That’s just a fact. I know because I tried many times on my own without help. My results now are from my trainer’s expertise and guidance + my commitment. I work HARD.

I can tell you that Melanie Daly knows how to build a badass body. And as a breast cancer survivor, she’s helped me restore my body to its pre-cancer state. In fact, I have surpassed that former fitness level and am on my way to achieving fitness goals I thought might not be possible otherwise. If you need help, she’s the best.” — Val J.

“Melanie is hands-down one of the best trainers in the greater Austin area.  In 7 weeks she helped me go from 10% body fat to 4.5% body fat and stage-ready for the Texas State Natural show in 2012. This was my first Men’s Physique show and I placed in the top ten.  She is very knowledgeable about the human body and understands what you need to get in the best shape of your life. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Melanie Daly can elevate your fitness with awesome workouts and sound nutrition.” – Fred S.

“Working with Melanie is tough, empowering and refreshing.   She pushes you to do more than you think you can do, but always with your best form in mind; not the number of reps.   Melanie listens to your goals and is just as excited as you are about helping you to reach them.   You hear all over the place now, “30 minutes is all you need”, and this is absolutely true with workouts with Melanie!    With dedication, hard work, focus, the right variety of exercises, you WILL see results and look forward to your next time with Melanie and what she has planned for you!   She knows all of the tools (both with exercise and nutrition) to help you reach your goals.   Without question, I highly recommend Melanie as your personal and/or small group instructor!”Vikki O.

“With the help of Melanie, I was able to transform my body into something like never before.  There was no magic pill and it was not easy, however with her extensive knowledge and ability to break it down into easy to follow steps backed by science and experience, it worked!  Thank you Melanie!” – Susan A.

“I was encouraged to attend the Small Group Training sessions with Melanie Daly by one of my colleagues.  With a busy schedule, I found the morning meetings three times a week doable.  At the beginning, I was quite unfit.  The support and encouragement offered by the classmates boosted my confidence and eventual improvement.  The most important thing is to start and starting at the age of 60 was a mental challenge, but once overcome, added immensely to my core strength and has been the greatest aid to my golf swing.  I cannot say enough about the program and particularly Melanie and her expertise.” – Jim S.

“I started small group training in Georgetown with trainer Melanie Daly and my world hasn’t been the same since! I’ve lost 20 lbs, dropped my body fat by 3% and have gone from a size 14 to a size 8.  I am proud of my transformation & can’t thank Melanie and her team enough for their knowledge, positive drive and continued support. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do if you let it!” – Valerie B.

“Bodyworx Fit is the Best — Melanie is great. I’m getting stronger and feeling great. On days that I do her training in Georgetown, I feel outstanding the rest of the day. She makes workouts fun and keeps all my muscles working to the max. The people I work out with are amazing too. It is a great group.” –David H.

“Bodyworx Fit – WooHoo!!!!!!!!! Melanie Daly has changed my life. You really get a personal trainer in Coach Mel instead of group fitness instruction. The wealth of knowledge she infuses from technique to nutrition is invaluable! You never get the same workout twice, and every movement is designed for maximum effect, so what usually takes an hour or more only takes 30 minutes! To date I’ve lost 24 lbs. and the number on the scale is still falling!!!! I’ve never been stronger or more healthy in my life!” – Amy M.

“Bodyworx Fit..You Gotta Love it! I joined the small group training with Bodyworx Fit in Georgetown in October 2009. Training with Melanie has been the key to my success. The workouts are fun, fast and always something new. This is the first workout program that I have been committed to over a long period. You will see results!” – Diane G.

“Georgetown Bodyworx Fit is AWESOME!! I started training with Melanie a mere 2 months ago and already feel an increase in my energy and fitness. As collegiate swimmer, I was looking to increase my strength and endurance.  Bodyworx Fit has it all. Anyone can fit this fun, high-energy training into their schedule! Melanie Daly is an enthusiastic, encouraging trainer and can make this work for any fitness level.” – Danelle H.

“Bodyworx Fit Rocks!!! I have been a religious participant at Melanie Daly’s small group training in Georgetown for 7 months. The workout is different every time, it’s challenging and it gets results! I first joined to build core strength as I trained to run my first 1/2 marathon. I now consider training with Melanie as important to my well-being as eating and sleeping. It makes such a huge difference in the way I feel! If you want a fast and fun way to increase your energy and look great, you must do this! It’s fast, it’s fun and it works!” Melissa A.