The Secret is Out!

by in Fit Tip Newsletter, Health & Fitness, Uncategorized November 13, 2017

Did I get your attention?  Are you curious about what type of secret I am sharing today?  Of course!  We are all naturally curious.  We are all interested in how we can get things done better, faster, and more successfully!

I find this to be especially true when it comes to weight loss, fitness, health, beauty and longevity.  Everyone is looking for the ‘secret to success.’ In our hearts, we want to believe there really IS a secret, and once we discover it, life will be perfect.  In our minds, though, we know the reality – there is probably NOT one simple secret that will change your life forever.

Today, I am going to agree with both your heart AND your mind.  I truly believe there is not just one, but several secrets to finding your happy place when it comes to your weight, your fitness, your health, your perception of beauty, and your longevity.  These are the secrets to living lean for life.

Living Lean for Life – What is the Secret?

By now you are probably aware of the term, eating clean, and that it relates to healthy living.  You have probably also figured out that this term has nothing to do with washing your food and has everything to do with eating in a way that promotes improved health and fitness.

While it may sound simple enough, it can be pretty challenging to stick with a clean eating plan.  I suppose if it were easy then everyone would be lean and confident about their body.

So, what’s the secret to long-term, clean eating, healthy living success?  The truth is there is not just one secret.  It’s a combination of approaches to food, eating, and lifestyle.  I’ve tried to break down the ‘secrets’ here to simplify the conversation.

Living-Lean-for-Life Secret #1:  Keep It Balanced
Many fat loss strategies encourage eating only from one category of food:  soup, grapefruit, salad, chicken breast…While these foods may promote fat loss and reduce overall calorie intake, this way of eating sets you up for an eventual fail.

No one sticks with highly restrictive, one-food-only diets for very long, and you’re no exception. To make your living lean plan last over the long-term, keep your diet balanced with a wide range of healthy, whole, real foods.

Living-Lean-for-Life #2:  Don’t Put a Label On It
How many times have you uttered the words I’m on a diet?  Ugh, just saying that puts one in the mood to cheat on said diet!

If eating clean means you’re on a diet, then you’re not committed enough to make this a way of life.  True success comes when clean eating is second nature, and not a temporarily imposed sentence.

Living-Lean-for-Life #3:  Have Patience
Wouldn’t it be great if a week of clean eating could erase a decade worth of indulgences?  But alas, you didn’t gain that fat in a week, and you won’t lose it in a week either.

Look for, and acknowledge, each and every small victory along the way to your long-term goal.  Notice each pound, each inch and each pant size.  These accomplishments build on one another until you reach your ultimate goal.  Just remember that big changes take consistent, long-term effort.  Be patient.   Trust the process.

Living-Lean-for-Life #4:  Have a Plan
This is the most important step in your quest to make living lean part of your lifestyle.  Without it, you will flounder around without direction and will likely find yourself staring into the bottom of a bowl of ice cream.

If you are ready to finally stop the roller coaster ride with your weight and your health, check out my Living Lean for Life program.  I will coach you through every step of designing YOUR personal plan for improving your health & fitness, and you will learn how maintain it for the rest of your life!

Click on the link above and check it out for yourself.  Isn’t it time to move past just thinking about what you want to do?  To see the changes you want, at some point you will have to take action.  Now is the moment.  I am here to coach you through it all.  Make today the day you start living lean for life.

Coach Melanie