Tip #2 for the New You

by in Health & Fitness December 30, 2015

How To Transform Your Body – TIP #2:

Consistency Beats Speed

Many people jump into the deep end of a transformation without a single swimming lesson.  They choose high-intensity interval training, or six-day splits with accelerated cardio tucked in-between sets, followed by low-calorie diets of chicken breast and broccoli measured to the gram. They want beautifully shaped muscles and single-digit body fat – like, yesterday.  You will find them on forums and Instagram posts saying things like “Day Two.  Went BEAST mode in the gym again!” or “Dropped to 1100 calories and feel fantastic!”

Everything feels great for the first few days and even the first week or two, but then they crash.  The workouts are too much.  There is no rest and not enough calories to sustain it all.  These New Year’s warriors are inevitably left stalled out by the side of the road and go back to their old ways long before the first warm breeze of springtime.

You don’t want to be that person.

Habit is the absolute key to a successful transformation, and should come FIRST.  Start with a basic, full-body workout or an upper/lower body split before jumping into the latest program designed for advanced athletes, the latest infographic you found on Pinterest or the workout plan posted by someone you follow on Instagram.

And try to simply clean up your diet before you start micromanaging calories and macronutrients.  Work first on making fitness a part of your day – each and every day.  And later on you will have time for things like “beast mode” and “macros on point.”

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