To sleep, perchance to dream….

by in Musings, Uncategorized July 7, 2013


I consider myself a morning person, much more so than a night person, and yet I set three alarms on my phone every night before I go to bed, to ensure that I get up when I need to the next day.  Three alarms.  That’s right…it’s part of my “system.”  I set one time fifteen minutes before I actually need to be up.  Then a second one for ten minutes later.  And finally a third time another five minutes later (this is the ACTUAL time I need to be up).  Even this morning, waking up to get my family to my son’s big divisional swim meet…knowing we had to leave at 5:45 a.m., I set my alarm for 4:15, 4:25, and then 4:30 (my stop-procrastinating-must-get-ass-out-of-bed-time), in order to ensure I had enough time to get everything prepped and ready to go.

Ultimately, this means that I spend about 15 minutes of my day, a minimum of five days a week, in SNOOZE.  And you are laughing at me right now…but I know that I am not the only one on the planet who does this!!  Have I ever over-slept, even with this elaborate system?  Sure, I have…but rarely.  Tell me that you don’t hit the snooze button in the mornings…I dare you!  It is a rare person who hops out of bed immediately upon hearing the alarm.  I know I am in the majority, not the minority.

My husband, on the other hand, is in the minority.  The alarm goes off, and he is up, getting ready for his day.  He finds it very amusing (albeit maybe a little annoying), that I have a 3-alarm system.  And as your typical guy, he figured out that by spending 15 minutes in snooze, 5 days a week, over the past 25 years of my adult life, I have spent 68 DAYS IN SNOOZE!!  Seriously??!?


I have spent 68 days trying to get “just a little bit more” sleep, rather than getting up and facing the new day with gusto.  Hmmph.  What could I have done with that extra time?  Who cares that this extra fifteen minutes is at 4:00 a.m.?  It is still 15 minutes that I have spent in snooze.  Really….how much sleep do I get when I try to snooze?  It’s not beneficial, that snooze.  I am already awake.  I am not going back into restful, REM sleep in that state.  It’s not enough time to even feel any more rested…it’s just dragging out the inevitable….the start of a new day.

How crazy is that?  In that extra fifteen minutes, I could do a hundred things that will make my life richer, more fulfilling, more calm, more prepared – just MORE.

What could I do with that fifteen minutes that will make my day better and my life richer?? How many things can you think of?

Life is too short, too unpredictable, too valuable to spend all of my time in snooze.  This is a habit I will be working to fix, starting today….oopps…actually, tomorrow.  Anyone out there going to join me in my quest to spend less of life in snooze?