Uh Oh…the scale went up!

by in Health & Fitness, Uncategorized June 1, 2015

Uh oh! The scale is up! Did you gain 2 pounds overnight? Probably not.

Did you eat an extra 7000 calories OVER maintenance yesterday?

If NO, then breathe. *Weight fluctuation is normal.*

No, seriously. BREATHE. Ask yourself these questions:

1.) Are you on your period or about to be?

2.) Was your sodium higher than normal?

3.) Are/were you either overly hydrated or dehydrated?

4.) Did you just begin any new supplements?

5.) Did you eat later at night or consume any liquids later than usual?

6.) Have you been traveling on an airplane?

7.) Did you consume alcohol, even if it fit your macros?

8.) Did you jump on the scale earlier in the morning than usual, after drinking, in different clothes, on a different scale, or on the same scale but on a different floor surface?

9.) Did you or did you not have a bowel movement or use the bathroom before weighing?

10.) Have you recently upped your carb intake, even if you ARE still in a calorie deficit?

It’s pretty darn hard to gain ‘real’ weight or ‘fat’ overnight. EVERY SINGLE one of these ten reasons could easily explain a few pounds of change on the scale.

Take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember that **weight fluctuation is entirely normal.**