Why I Compete

by in Competition, Health & Fitness November 11, 2018

This year marks my 10th year as a competitive bodybuilder.  I have moved through the divisions as a Fit Model competitor, to a Figure competitor, and now a Women’s Physique competitor.  In the last ten years, I have achieved a Pro card in both Figure and Women’s Physique, proudly as a natural athlete.

What does it mean to be a natural athlete?  It means that what you see in the gym and on that stage has been built through dedicated training and dialed-in nutrition.  It means that I don’t take any performance-enhancing drugs to build the muscles that shape my physique.  It means that I built this through sweat, focus, persistence, and good-old-fashioned hard work.  I’m proud of that.

I have been asked by several “Why do you still compete?  You’ve got the Gold medals, you earned your Pro cards – why do you still do it?”

My answer is usually, “Why not?”  The reason I still compete, ten years later?  I love it.  And as long as I continue to love it, I will compete.  And please understand – I love ALL parts of it!!  I love getting in the gym and training – throughout the year, day in and day out.  I love seeing my body change from year to year, constantly shaping and refining, building what I want to see.  I love practicing the poses.  I love creating the posing routines.  I love leaning down so I can see the results of my hard work in the gym.  I love the sparkly bikinis, the makeup, the hair.   I love being Diva for a Day.  I love getting up on stage and in the spotlight. I love the pictures that capture my moment.  I love knowing that I sculpted this physique, this amazing body I live in.  I just love it all.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t bad days, when I can’t find my mojo, or when I am frustrated with my perceived progress. Of course.  But this is my outlet.  I don’t knit.  I don’t paint.  I work out.  And I work out with a vision in my head of the body I am creating.  This is my masterpiece – and always a work in progress.  I love that I’m not perfect.  And I love that I am better today than I was yesterday.

Competing is NOT for everyone.  We all have our ‘thing’ that we love, that provides us with creative expression, that motivates us to enjoy every day.  My ‘thing’ is working out, and then occasionally celebrate the work with stage time.  This is my creative outlet.  And frankly, it’s why I work as a nutrition coach and trainer too – so I can work with other people who want to create their own masterpiece.  I love to be a part of that process!  Regardless of whether or not someone ever wants to get up on stage, I love helping them to create the physique they want to see in the mirror.  How we feel about our bodies has a DIRECT relationship with how we feel about ourselves as a person.  If I feel great about my body, then I feel amazing about who I am.  If I can help YOU feel great about your body, you will also feel amazing about who YOU are.  It’s a win-win.

I love what I do.  For myself.  For others.  It’s all about finding what drives you, motivates you, makes you stronger in all ways – once you tap into that, you become a powerful presence, a unique individual who has much to offer this world.

Don’t shy away from what you can achieve!   You might surprise yourself.  I certainly did.  It’s time to move away from the excuses or the fears.  It’s time to say “Why not?”

Embrace it.  Challenge yourself.  Step into your light.